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Video, Video beyond your budget? Think again

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Why Video?

With higher bandwidths videos are becoming the norm for reputable companies to communicate with their customers on their website. Video is the game changer when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Not only can videos help with your website, but users can spread the word by sending each other videos on sites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Videos aren't just limited to the internet, they can also be formatted onto DVD and delivered in a Mango Digital designed DVD case.

Why Mango Digital?

At Mango Digital, we offer a service that will suit you, your budget and your timeframe. We specialise in video postproduction, the editing process, so if you have some footage that needs editing, look no further. Your project will be edited using the industry standard editing suite, Final Cut Pro, at the Mango Digital London studio, where you can come in and sit through the edit.


Additional services

What's so convenient about Mango Digital is that we work across all platforms; so not only can we edit your video but we can get your DVD cover designed and printed, duplicate the disc, as well as integrating your new final cut online.

Finishing touches

Working with DVD Studio Pro 4, Color 1.5 and Adobe After Effects CS5 we can provide all the finishing touches to your project including grading, 3D title sequences, and interactive DVD menus.

Applications for video

The applications for a video are endless; product tours, video learning, tutorials, web commercials, online virals, company showreels, actor showreels and customer interviews are just a few examples of what a video can be used for.

Video production

If you want a video made, Mango Digital can take care of the project from start to finish, including casting, crew, location hire, equipment hire and scripting. For more information call 0208 1440 588.


  • Get your quote using the quote calculator.
  • You then speak to your editor at Mango Digital about exactly what you want you want from the video.
  • You then get the footage over to us.
  • Pay the initial 50% deposit.
  • A rough cut will be complied and sent to you for you to view.
  • Your editor will then work on your video based on your feedback.
  • A final cut of the video is made.
  • Any additional services are worked on such as DVD menus.
  • Final approval and final 50% is paid.
  • The required copies will be made and then sent to your door.

prices start at £160 launch quote calculator